Monday, May 2, 2016

McKay is 2!!!

 I feel like a broken record (I probably am) but this growing up stuff has gotta stop.  Maybe it's because he is our last and I have been really trying to enjoy these baby moments but I really cannot believe that lil Kaders is 2!   Recently he has discovered that movies can be fun to watch and those movies have consisted of Big Hero 6, Home, Inside Out, Star Star, and Minion's (or Nana's as he says).  He loves those little yellow guys, so I decided to make him a Stuart birthday cake.  It turned out pretty cute.
 My little mop head.  There is no controlling that hair.

 He was pretty fascinated by this "Nana" cake.

 He waited so patiently to dig in.

 That mop had to go a couple of days later.  It was driving me nuts.
 This little guy is always keeping us on our toes.  He loves chilling with the IPad, playing with cars or Star Wars, or driving his sister crazy. He's still not talking a lot but he is smart cookie.  You can see wheels in his head turning trying to figure things out.  Love this little stinker of mine.

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