Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Last Day of School 2016-We have another Graduate!

Yes it's true!  One more has graduated from elementary school!  Micah is officially a Middle Schooler, not sure how that happened.  He is really excited to be done with elementary school and onto bigger and better things.  He is such a hard worker and loves to learn. 
 Mrs. Bentson was a great transition teacher for Micah.  Moving after school started is always hard on everyone, but we were fortunate to have some awesome teachers help with the transition and she was one of them.
Malia loved Mr. Eckoff.  He was great and really knew how to keep her on task.  She is our little social butterfly that gets easily distracted by her friends.  He always seemed to be able to reign her back in. Thanks for a great 4th grade year!
 Micah will miss Parkview, at least we still have Malia there for a couple more years.  It has been great!
I couldn't forget these two.  They are always by my side relishing in their siblings accomplishments!

Unfortunately I didn't take last day pics of the older girls, but they didn't mind, lol.

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