Friday, June 3, 2016

Concerts, Concerts Everywhere!!!

I guess when you have 6 kids, 4 of which are in school, you are bound to have the opportunity to attend many school functions.  This year we've had our fair share of concerts to see and this post is dedicated to that.  I have posted pictures in the past but this post will mostly be video of each of their concerts from winter to spring. I only chose one video from each concert otherwise we'd be here for hours watching.  So without further adieu ... my children!
Here is Micah in his last Band concert with an awesome Bongo solo.

The 5th graders have an annual wax museum where they dress up like a famous person and act like they are in a museum.  People walk by and the kids give a brief biography of their famous person.  Since Micah did Wilbur Wright in Indy last year, his teacher allowed him to use him again (Not sure why) but that's who he wanted.  He had to revamp a little from his last project but he did a great job.

Right after the "museum" they had a short program for the families.
Malia and Micah joined a choir this year and had a lot of fun.  This was their one and only concert.
The 3rd graders did a talent show this year and and Malia was dying to do something.  At first she had some friends that were going to do a dance routine but that fell apart so a couple of days before she decided she wanted to jump rope.  Here is the routine she came up with.
McKenzie's Final concert did not disappoint.  The theme for a lot of the schools was Star Wars since it was such a popular movie that came out, we had a couple of kids play some Star Wars music in their concerts, one of them being McKenzie
They even showed clips from the movies which captivated little Kaders.  He really is a Star Wars his dad!
Morgan the other lucky kid that was able to play a little Star Wars theme along with some other movie themes.
I love watching my kids grow musically.  It fun to see their progression.

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